Dyno Dave Ready to "Rock and Roll" the U.S. Nationals
The quickest and fastest Northwest Ohio resident is ready to take on the biggest race of the year in NHRA Drag Racing.  

Things at Dyno Dave Motorsports are busy and the neighbors know it.

Hard Rocking tunes blast as the Shane Co/Century21Racing.info Team prepares for the Super Bowl of drag racing @ The US Nationals at Indianapolis, Indiana.

Occasionally noise from the clutch grinder or a part persuaded into place escapes, but for the most part it’s all about kickin’ out the jams.

Dyno Dave when contacted had this to say:

“Our family is preparing for the biggest race of the season, bla bla bla…”

“Indianapolis is our second home, we were adopted there.”

“Most folks want to wear, and act their best when they go visit the relatives.”

“We want to make a lot of noise, smack the ground and make everyone yell real loud.”

In addition to Shane Co and Meridian Alliance Partners, this year Dyno Dave is bringing along Century 21 Scheetz's Corina Jones.  Dyno Dave continued, “Man we love this woman she really thinks out of the box wanting to increase the speed at which she advertises her business to over 270 mph.”

At last year’s Big Go, Dyno Dave recorded the top times of the event. His 5.331 @ 271.08 mph bested the stout field and led to a semi-final finish.

Surround yourself with greatness, if you are looking for greatness!!!! This year Shane Co. on board again to turn Dyno Dave into Diamond Dave, Meridian Alliance Partners turns your cash into cash, and NGK firing every engine Dyno Dave owns. Century 21 Scheetz and Corina Jones are the most innovative real estate company period.

With all that being said, Dyno Dave bursts in to add:

“This year we are Smarter, Bolder, Faster! “I would say that this is our type of Rock and Roll for Indy!!”

That is all from Dyno Dave’s lessons in life and nitro tuning tricks. Stay tuned for more Dyno!

Dyno Dave Motorsports is honored to have our incredible team members;

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Century 21's Corina Jones - http://century21racing.info/
Meridian Alliance Partners -  meridianalliancepartners.com
Surf City Garage - surfcitygarage.com - surf city garage on facebook
NGK Spark Plugs - ngksparkplugs.com - ngk spark plugs on facebook   kkcollision.com
Mahle Clevite  -  mahle-aftermarket.com
Exide Battery -  Exide.com
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Dyno Dave Reaches the Semifinals at the U.S. Nationals

Clermont, IN. – This year’s rain delayed U.S. Nationals might have been a puddle-ridden hassle for some, but for Dyno Dave Heitzman it was his chance to shine. Qualifying in the number two position and advancing to the semifinals made a dreary two week affair much brighter. Dyno Dave also showed the Top Alcohol Dragster class how it’s done by recording low elapsed time for the event and capturing top mile per hour honors.


“To be knocked out by the world champ in the semifinals is nothing to be ashamed of,” said Dyno Dave. “It really pumped up the team to qualify so well, and the support from our fan base was amazing. You can’t be disappointed by running the quickest and fastest times at the biggest race of the year.”


Going into Saturday’s qualifying session the Shane Co. Dragster sat in the number eight position from the previous rounds of qualifying. In the one and only qualifying round Dyno Dave launched the Shane Co. dragster to a 5.360/268.17 blast that catapulted him to the number two slot. That gave Dyno Dave the advantage of lane choice against Michael Manners going into the first round of eliminations. At the biggest and baddest Drag Race of the year, Dyno Dave won his first round with a thunderous 5.331/271.08 to a losing 5.618/257.73 for Manners. This was the low elapsed time and top mile per hour run that had the pits buzzing. It also once again gave Dyno Dave lane choice in the second round. In that round a bit of luck came Dyno Dave’s way. His opponent’s car quit after the burnout and could not restart. When the lights came down, the Shane Co. dragster lost traction and went up in a cloud of tire smoke. He crossed the finish line with a pedestrian 12.49/62.47 time. He would not have lane choice in the semifinals.


Waiting in the staging lanes was Duane Shields, the reigning World Champion in Top Alcohol Dragster. The lights came down and the two asphalt warriors were off. Dyno Dave rocketed down the track with no sign of the champ. Around one-thousand feet is where Shields chose to make his appearance. He took the race at the finish line stripe with a 5.418/267.11 to Dyno Dave’s 5.423/264.55. The margin of victory was only 0.0286 seconds at the end of the quarter mile. It turned out to be enough to put an end to the 2012 U.S Nationals for Dyno Dave and the Shane Co. Team.


“It was a long two weeks and you can’t change the weather,” added Dyno Dave. “I would really like to thank my crew, and the fans for all their support. My phone has been blowing up these past few weeks. I also have to hand it to the staff at Lucas Oil Raceway for doing a fine job under extreme conditions. After this strong performance we will re-group and look to the future – hopefully with less rain.”

Dyno Dave Looks Set to Rock the Nationals

Cleremont, IN – The U.S. Nationals is considered by many racers and fans to be the biggest race of the year. Winning the “Big Go” can make a substandard season feel a whole lot better. People plan their lives – weddings, pregnancies, vacation time – around it. Fans count down the days on their calendar, and racers use up testing days preparing for it.

But for drag racer Dyno Dave Heitzman, the race is just another day at the office as he’ll take to the track in the Meridian Alliance Partners/Dyno Dave Motorsports Nitromethane Injected Top Alcohol Dragster. “With all the commotion in the pits, I’m going to really enjoy the simplicity of blasting down the track,” said Dyno Dave. “I want to thank Meridian Alliance Partners, Shane Co., Napa, NGK Spark Plugs, Exide Batteries, Frankie’s Towing, Surf City Garage, and KK Collision for making it all possible.”

Dyno Dave has a great deal to be happy about these days. The Meridian Alliance Partners/Dyno Dave Motorsports team has made the finals in two races this year, and they look set to take the Nationals by storm in Indiana. They just launched a new Dyno Dave Motorsports Facebook page, and have added Shane Co. to the side of the car. Shane Co. is the official jeweler to many professional sports teams, and is thrilled to now be a proud sponsor of the Meridian Alliance Partners/Dyno Dave Motorsports team.

Racing fans will be treated to an appearance by the Indianapolis Colts Cheerleaders this weekend, plus rock ’n’ roll music blasting from the Dyno Dave pit stall. Loud tunes will set the tone for the weekend. “We always put on a show wherever we go,” said Dyno Dave. “Drag racing has an outlaw spirit, and that makes it special. We’re coming to Indy to have fun, go fast, and shake, rattle and roll the place to the bone!” The high-energy roadshow is a reflection of Dyno Dave, who will rock the Lucas Oil Raceway until it hurts.

Shane Co. is the largest privately held jeweler in the United States. The Denver, Colo.-based company is a direct importer of diamonds, rubies, sapphires and pearls. Shane Co. is recognized in the industry as a price leader, offering the best customer benefits, including a Free Lifetime Warranty and a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee. www.ShaneCo.com.


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Release courtesy of THR5 Communications        Photo courtesy of the Pro Sportsman Association

The Dyno Dave/Meridian Motorsports team makes it to their second 2012  final round at the 2012 LODRS Matco Tool Summer Showdown

2012 LODRS Matco Tool Summer Showdown "Best Appearing Crew"

2012 Rt 66 NHRA Nationals in Chicago "Best Appearing Crew "

"Dyno Devin" passes Frank Hawley's Drag Racing School with flying colors!



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